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Happy Birthday Molly!

Happy Birthday Molly!


A Surprise Birthday Party


Come along with me on an adventure as I prepare for a surprise birthday party for my real-life friend, Molly. Unaware, I step in a big, squishy piece of pink bubble gum that follows me like a ninja everywhere I go!  It's exciting as I go to The Bakery, the Ice Cream Parlor, and the Party Decoration Shop. It's all fun until it lands me in a sticky situation!

Journey through bite-sized devotions at the end of every chapter to learn about sin and God's forgiveness.  Sin, just like the bubble gum, follows us and gets us in messy problems.  There is a way out through God and His forgiveness.  Know for sure that you are going to be with God at the ultimate party in Heaven through the salvation message at the end.

You are invited to the party! It's a tail-wagging good time!

(Molly's cake was completely safe for all furfriends and human friends to eat!)


Your friend Tucker


A Surprise Birthday Party!