Hi! I am a schnoodle! That means I am part poodle, part schnauzer, but 100% goofy! It makes me howl with joy to chase my tennis ball in the park and meet new friends! I will chase just about anything else too, cats, rabbits, squirrels... My family says that it's always as if I just lapped up an energy drink! I secretly love sitting on kitchen chairs and can be found randomly sitting by myself watching the humans in my house. I have my own chair at games night and family celebrations! I don't have to miss anything by sitting on the floor! Oh, and I looooove food! I'll gobble up anything from the kitchen garbage to fancy little gouda cheese snacks. I also enjoy sleeping on the bed, even though I'm told I snore and hog the bed.  

I love my family! They adopted me when I was 2 years old. One day, my previous owner walked me over to a garage sale my new family was having. My previous owner could no longer take care of me and asked if they would want me. They said "yes!" That night I went home with my new family! It didn't take me long to adjust to them because I fit right in and knew I was in my forever home. I live with my humans and two fur sisters, Molly and Ruby.  I always invite them on my adventures. My family gives me lots of love and belly rubs. They tell me I'm a "good boy." I am happy to give them all of my love right back!