Valentine's Day Tins from your Furfriend

Be my Valentine?

Be my Valentine?

♥A pawfect gift from the heart♥ Dog craft

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Valentine Tins from your Furfriend








You will need:

1. a cookie tin

2. a photo of your pet

3. ribbon, stickers, felt pens, anything else you want to use

4. Mod Podge gloss and paintbrush



1. cut photo to fit on the lid of the tin

2. use Mod Podge to glue photo down onto lid. Let dry for 10 min.

3. add stickers or write on lid with felt pens

4. brush Mod Podge evenly across photo, stickers and lid. It will look white until it drys.

    Let dry for 20 min. then repeat another layer of gloss


Once it is completely dry, fill the tin with the humans favorite treats!  Add a bow around the tin if you would like, or glue tiny bows directly onto the tin!